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Professional Services

Resume Creation:  $485.00

We take an individualized approach with each client, whether you are a recent college graduate or a C-level executive. Accomplishments are quantified, keywords listed are industry related, and information is formatted in a clean and organized fashion. Most experts estimate a resume is considered for 10 seconds. A great resume can't guarantee you a job, but it is certainly an important item in the process. We will evaluate the best layout -- chronological, functional, or combination -- and apply it to highlight your industry skills and relevant experiences.

Resume Revision:  $385.00

Perhaps you don't need an entire overhaul on your resume, but it's been several years since you created one... A great deal has changed in the hiring world. A resume "facelift" includes the following components: Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Word Usage, Verb Tense, Format, Layout, and Key Components. A Resume Revision is also a great idea for career changes, re-entering the workforce, or tackling the job search process after lengthy employment.

Resume Revision & Cover Letter Package:  $485.00 | Student Resume Revision:  $285.00

Cover Letter Creation/Revision:  $135.00

Does everyone read a cover letter? They sure don't; however, you don't know which hiring managers do, so we advise including one when sending your resume. We ensure the cover letter is targeted to the position to which you are applying, is eye-catching, and is never more than one page!

  • For resume creation or revision services, click here to complete our resume information form.
  • Formatting: Once a resume or cover letter draft is sent and approved, final versions will be provided in Word and pdf format.
  • Special Pricing: Special pricing is available for undergraduate and graduate students as well as military personnel.

30-Day Action Plan: $690.00   Job Search Services: $450.00 (for 5 hours)  

LinkedIn or Resume Audit:  $135.00   |   LinkedIn Content Creation:  $365.00

Career Exploration & Assessment:  $375.00

This option includes the Pathway Planner Assessment as well as a 60-minute coaching session. If you don't know what you want to be when you grow up, that's okay. We will explore various fields together based upon your interests, experiences, and goals.

Career Coaching Sessions:  $130 /50-Minute Session; $75/25-Minute Session; or $480 for Four 50-Minute Sessions

The flexibility of these sessions allows for us to tackle challenges along the way! Some clients prefer to start with a monthly package of 4 sessions, while others like to purchase them individually as the need arises. They are effective, results-driven, and come with an understanding that we are partners in this journey.

* Please contact Tara directly for executive coaching pricing and proposal.

Life Coaching Services:  $480 for Four 45-Minute Sessions (one month)

- Small Business Coaching: Whether you are at the idea stage or ready to hire employees, we'll craft a plan providing steps to ensure 

  targeted success aligning with your mission.

-Leadership Coaching:  Individual and corporate/team leadership coaching involves exploring your leadership style and 10 key components of leadership. Often,

  an assessment is included to provide direction and additional awareness.

- Empowerment Coaching: Individual or company empowerment from the perspective of a manager, employee, and peers. What are you doing to live an 

  empowered lifestyle?

- Balance Coaching: Over time, we align your priorities, demands, dreams, and reality into what works best for your lifestyle.

Free 25-Minute SAMPLE Coaching Session:

Click here to book your sample session.

Mock Interview:  $250.00

Rush Fee:  $60.00

Additional Edits:  ​$95.00