​​​​"​I truly can't thank Tara enough for helping me with me resume and tailoring it to me. After being in the same industry for 8 years, and being out of the "hiring game" for so long I was completely overwhelmed... She reviewed my original resume, offered suggestions, explained her suggestions... Thank you Tara for helping me along the way and helping me achieve my goal in the career I was made for, and helping land the dream job that was made for me!"
​   -- A. Harkrader, Account Executive for ESPN Charlotte

"​I turned to Tara for help with my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile because I had not needed to interview for a number of years and clearly my job search efforts had been unsuccessful. Tara did an outstanding job updating all of these. This happened while I started a discussion about the position I ultimately secured. I had the opportunity to use the new resume for this position. The hiring manager provided very positive feedback. He had previously seen my version of the resume and recognized the significant improvement in Tara's version of my resume."​     -- D. Precht, Professor, Operations and Supply Chain, Management Science, USC's Moore School of Business


Why Hire Us?

​Owner, Tara Goodfellow, MBA, CTACC, applies skills learned through her background in higher education, as a C-level executive, a recruiter, and a college career development instructor to ensure clients receive personal, targeted, and effective services that land results. Certified Life Coach and DiSC practioner further enhances the support you'll receive!

Athena: Career Services 

 ​Athena Consultants, Inc. specializes in assisting individuals, families, and companies with their career and life goal decisions. We work with clients nationally to determine the best fit for their future success.

We are here to educate, offer options, and encourage you in your career and goals and achieving your life's purpose. Don't let it overwhelm you and be a stressful experience.

​Be excited by the opportunities!

Athena: Coaching  Services  

Athena Offers a variety of coaching services. The coaching relationship is Co-Creative, meaning that we are equals and both have an active role. We utilize effective and active communication skills to support you in determining outcomes. During the process, you will determine the next steps toward your goals -- moving from Stuck to Unstuck to Soaring. ​Sessions are approximately 45-minutes in duration and are offered in one, two, and three month packages.

Why Hire a Coach?

Consider enlisting the assistance of a coach if you are feeling "stuck," if you know there is "more" out there but are unclear about the next best steps. Coaching can:

  • Help you enhance your life through action.
  • Serve as a support system as you strive to achieve a specific outcome.
  • Help you uncover your own wisdom within and map out solutions.

Is Coaching Therapy?

No, we are not therapists.

Therapists are experts in medical and behavioral sciences and are trained to treat diagnosable conditions. Coaching can be a wonderful compliment to therapy, but we are NOT trained as therapists.

Is Coaching Consulting?

We offer both Coaching and Consulting services. Very often we will discuss both during a Sample Coaching session. Consulting services involve specific advice about how to solve a problem, whereas coaching is a co-creative relationship supporting clients as they achieve their outcome.

​We do not accept all clients. Since ours is a co-creative relationship, we want to ensure we are the right fit for you. Not everyone is "coachable" and not every coach is the best fit for your goals. That is why we offer a FREE 25-minute Sample session. Please click here if you are interested.

Do inquire about your potential coach's training.

There are some wonderful, extensive training programs available but not every coach has achieved this mark. Tara Goodfellow completed a 22-week program through Coach Training Alliance and has earned the Coach Training Alliance Life Coach Certification and DiSC Certified.